How to Prepare a Motorcycle for Winter Storage in Boston

You take good care of your motorcycle during the warmer seasons, so why should it be any different in the winter? A major investment like a motorcycle requires proper care and preparation for winter. Whether you’re looking for tips on storing a motorcycle without a garage, or just want it stored safely where it’s not taking up garage space, here’s how you can keep your bike safe during Boston’s brutal winters.

Where Can I Store My Motorcycle Over the Winter?

With Boston’s harsh, snowy winters, storing a motorcycle indoors is a no-brainer. A storage unit is an excellent place to store your motorcycle because not only are they secure and monitored, they can also be  climate controlled. At EZ Storage, we take security seriously. Our storage units are under surveillance at all times, and we have controlled gate access systems. Our climate controlled buildings have HVAC systems, which means your motorcycle won’t have to be exposed to extreme temperatures.

What Size Storage Unit Do I Need for My Motorcycle?

If you’re just storing one motorcycle, it will most likely fit comfortably within a 5×10’ (50 square feet) storage unit, and you should have a little room left to store other equipment. If you plan to store more than one motorcycle, you’ll probably need to upgrade to a 10×10’ or 10×15’ storage unit. Check out EZ Storage’s unit sizes here.

How Should I Prepare My Motorcycle Before Putting it in Winter Storage?

To ensure your bike is properly prepared for winter storage, follow these steps:

  • Make sure your registration, license, and insurance are up to date. It is also important to verify your insurance policy covers your bike while in storage.
  • Clean and wax your bike before storing it.
  • Change your oil, clean or replace your filter, and add fuel stabilizer.
  • Clean and lubricate your chain, cables, pivots and controls according to manufacturer guidelines.
  • Properly prep the engine and other internal components.
  • Prepare the cooling system, check coolant level, and clean the radiator.
  • Charge the battery – you can also remove the battery and store it in a cool, dry place (off the floor).
  • Check with the manufacturer on recommended tire pressure for winter storage.
  • Protect your bike by covering it with a breathable material.
  • Review the storage facility’s rules and regulations before storing.

EZ Storage has three convenient Boston locations and will ensure your motorcycle is safe and stored away for the off season. Contact EZ Storage today and discuss your winter motorcycle storage!