Car Storage in Natick, Newton & Framingham

We serve people with all types of vehicle and car storage needs in the Boston area. We allow customers to come and go from our facilities daily, so whether you need more space to park your work vehicle or a secure spot for your roadster, you can use it right when you need it.

Our three locations also provide convenient winter car and automobile storage so our customers have fast access to their prized possessions right when the weather permits it. Our large winter storage units allow you to protect brand new or carefully restored cars from the salt, sand, and road debris that come with winter driving.

Whether you want to shelter your vehicle from outdoor elements or simply need to open up space in the garage, find a secure indoor car storage unit near you. Take a look at our three Boston-area locations today!

Common Storage Unit Sizes for Vehicles

Compact or Sports Car Storage

Our 10′ x 15′ is right-sized for your small, compact car.

Full Size Car Storage

Our 10′ x 20′ units fit average sized sedans.

SUV and Truck Storage

Choose a storage unit that is 10′ x 25′ or larger to fit your truck or SUV.

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Tips for choosing car storage units in Boston:

  • Consider the duration: Vehicle storage units can be rented for short- or long-term durations. Make sure the storage facility’s rental requirements fit your needs. Often, the best agreement is a month-to-month contract, which provides flexibility to stay as long as your needs (or the weather) dictates. All EZ Storage leases are month-to-month contracts.
  • Find the right size: Full-size cars will fit in a 10’x20′ storage unit, while a two-seater sports car can often fit into a 10’x15′ unit, however, the storage unit must have available drive-up access. Not all 10’x20′ size units are the same. We offer all-size vehicle storage, even RV storage units to stow away your adventurous vehicle during the off months.
  • Choose between inside or outside storage: Some facilities offer indoor and outdoor storage units for vehicles. Make sure in either case, you’re satisfied with your storage selection. Open-air, fenced-in storage is offered by some companies, but make sure you are comfortable with your vehicle being exposed to the elements and accessible by anyone on the property.
  • Make sure you have easy access: Make sure the driveways are wide enough to allow easy access to your storage unit. Be certain the entry threshold is low enough to avoid hitting your muffler and tailpipe when you back in. In addition, if you are storing a van or SUV, confirm that the door opening is high enough to accommodate your vehicle. Extra-wide driveways at EZ Storage allow convenient circulation and access for vehicles of all sizes.
  • Ask about security: Make sure the storage facility has a reliable access control system with gates and door alarms. EZ Storage has computer-controlled access 365 days/year and individual door alarms.

*Features vary by location.

Prepping the car for storage

  • It is best if the gas tank is either filled to the top or drained completely to minimize gas fumes.
  • You may want to disconnect the battery for long-term storage.
  • If oil dripping from the engine is a concern, place some cardboard under the engine to protect the floor and avoid cleanup problems when you leave.
  • Don’t leave food in the car because food can attract rodents. In fact, placing some bait boxes or traps on the floor may be a good precaution.
  • An additional preventative measure is to place a cover over the surface of your vehicle to reduce exposure to dust.
  • If you’re storing your vehicle over the winter, read these helpful winter car storage tips.


Leased storage units for cars do not insure customers’ contents. If the vehicle already has insurance, speak to your agent to be sure the coverage extends to storage.

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