Secure Storage Units in Boston, Massachusetts

A primary consideration for renters is the level of security present at self storage facilities. You want to be sure you are choosing a secure self storage facility when looking for storage space in Boston. Quality facilities take security extremely seriously and utilize various measures including closed-circuit security cameras for storage units and controlled gate access systems. Of course, nothing is completely fail-safe, but following some simple guidelines can deter potential wrongdoers and prevent unwanted access to your unit.

Secure Storage Unit Feature

Most self storage facilities invest in some form of security, but it is still important to research the security amenities of a storage facility before signing a lease. Because the type and security level of secure self storage units in Massachusetts can vary significantly among facilities, you should evaluate each facility’s security measures to determine whether it provides sufficient protection for your belongings. Use the checklist below to compare the features of EZ Storage’s secure storage units in Boston to our competitors.

  • Perimeter fencing: Gated facilities with perimeter fencing keep unwelcome visitors out, ensuring that only key holders gain entry to our secure storage units.
  • Entrance and exit gates: Require drivers to enter a code both when entering and exiting, preventing access to unauthorized persons.
  • Individual door alarms: Alarm sounds when a storage door is opened and a proper access code has not been entered into the gate access system, notifying the property manager of a potential problem.
  • Good lighting: Well-lit facilities allow users to see their surroundings, and maximize visibility while accessing their storage unit at dark.
  • Caretaker or manager: Assist tenants in the event of an emergency after office hours and are a visible property presence, adding another level of security to our secure self storage units for you and your belongings.
  • Computer-controlled access: Unique access codes that are entered and recorded in the security system provide additional security at gates and allow entry to authorized users.
  • Security cameras: Keeping the cameras rolling deters thieves, and digital video surveillance creates a record of who comes and goes from each facility to provide secure storage units.
  • Site graphics display: Monitors in the office display camera activity on the property, which is an effective deterrent of criminal mischief.
  • Limiting access to regular hours: Limited hours that storage renters can enter the property and access their storage unit makes theft less likely because we can easily monitor who comes in and out.
  • High-quality construction: Our secure storage units are constructed to protect your belongings by using the finest masonry and quality steel partitions, high-grade latches, and burglar resistant panels and burglar bars or mesh.
  • Proper identification from renters: Requesting legal identification from renters is another way to beef up security measures, while discouraging wrongdoing.

*Features vary by location

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Important Security Tips

Following these simple self storage tips will help prevent theft of your valuable documents and belongings when you’re considering secure self storage units for rent in Massachusetts.

  • Experts recommend that you position valuable items to the back of the storage unit.
  • Choose a strong lock with a combination or key access
  • Record your combination number someplace secure like a safe in your home or a password-protected app on your phone.
  • Make sure you have a duplicate key if you’ll be sharing the unit, or use it as a back up in case your primary key is misplaced.
  • Always double check that your lock is securely engaged when leaving your storage unit.
  • Create an inventory list of the property you are storing. This creates a permanent record of your belongings in the event of a loss and serves as a helpful reference when you need to find an important item in your storage unit.

Secure Self Storage FAQs

Q: What Should Not Be Put In a Storage Unit?

A: Most secure storage units in Boston, including EZ Storage’s three locations, prohibit a few hazardous or perishable items. Hazardous items that cannot go in your secure storage units include flammable items, toxic materials, unregistered or uninsured vehicles, stolen goods, drugs, perishables, live plants, and anything wet.

Q: Do Storage Units Get Broken Into Often?

EZ Storage does everything in our power to ensure our storage units are secure, including computer controlled gate access, video monitoring and onsite managers. All three Boston-area EZ Storage locations take the necessary precautions with our self storage units that we listed above to keep your belongings secure.

Q:  How Do I Secure My Storage Unit?

The first thing to do to keep your Boston storage unit secure is to buy a quality lock. We recommend buying a hefty lock with a combination or key access. Each of our storage units has loops for locks on the door handles. We also recommend you do not share your gate access code with anyone not on your storage unit lease.

Q: How Do Storage Unit Alarms Work?

Some of our locations have individual alarms on each storage unit, along with alarms around the premises. Additionally, you’ll have a unique access code to the entrance and exit gates, as well as into the building. 

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