Household Self Storage Units in Boston, Massachusetts

Boston-Area Household Self Storage

Do you have too much stuff filling up your house? Did your real estate agent tell you to declutter your home? Do you need to store your spring, summer, or winter toys? Or do you simply need a place to store all those items you just can’t seem to part with?

Whatever your reason, EZ Storage has household self storage units in Massachusetts that can help you clear your clutter and make your house a home again. Whether you’re looking for a household self storage solution or storage units for moving, EZ Storage has small and large storage units to accommodate these household items and more.

  • Dishes, appliances
  • Household furniture
  • Linens, mattresses
  • Instruments (pianos, violins, guitars)
  • Equipment (exercise, lawn, garage)
  • Seasonal furniture (table, chairs, grill)
  • Photos, pictures, memorabilia
  • Toys, clothes, decorations
  • Bikes, canoes, motorcycles
  • Electronic equipment
  • Vehicles, ATVs, boats
  • Snowmobiles, skis, sleds
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Massachusetts Household Self Storage

Whether you are a young couple consolidating your belongings, a retired couple downsizing into a condo, or a homeowner who needs to declutter, EZ Storage has a variety of household self storage units. We offer a variety of sizes, month-to-month rentals, high ceilings, computer-controlled access, and superior customer service.

It is time to turn the table on clutter by creating an organized home. To start enjoying a clean and well-organized house, visit one of our three EZ Storage locations in the greater Boston metro area and rent your household self storage unit today!

Common Questions About Boston Household Self Storage

At EZ Storage, we have seen it all when it comes to household self storage. From making room for home remodels to clearing out overwhelming clutter, there’s always a storage solution that can give your home more breathing room. Here are some questions we have gotten from families renting one of our Massachusetts household self storage units, along with the helpful tips we’ve provided them with to effectively clear the clutter.

How can I add more storage to my house?

Before renting a household self storage unit, make sure all the sneaky storage areas in your home are put to good use. If you have empty space under your bed, consider purchasing short rectangular baskets or storage containers to slide under it. If areas above doors and windows are free, consider installing additional shelving or storing extra items on the side of your washing machine. If your home is still overwhelmed with excess belongings, a household storage unit is the most practical solution.

How do you store things in a small house?

Tiny houses are becoming more and more popular, which calls for optimal household self storage solutions. From installing a storage wall to purchasing cabinet organizers, there are many ways to make more space for your daily life in a small house or apartment. Some of the more versatile storage solutions include hanging your kitchen utensils on the wall and your pots and pans from your ceiling. Finding shelving solutions that can fit into the corners of smaller rooms like your bathroom and pantry can make room for essential items, such as toiletries and dry food. For bigger items like sports equipment, instruments, furniture and more, renting a storage unit from EZ Storage can save you space in your small house.

How do you store clothes without room?

Clothes can take up a lot of unnecessary space if they aren’t stored properly. Exposed wardrobes using a hanging rack can add a hip twist to your bedroom while optimizing your closet space. Hanging items on the back of your bedroom door can make space for miscellaneous clothing items like oversized jackets, purses and other accessories. You could also consider buying a vacuum sealer, which involves putting your clothing in special vacuum-sealing bags, and the vacuum sealer sucks all air out of the bag. These make it easy to store large amounts of clothes in containers or in your closets.

How do I add storage to my living room?

If you have kids or pets and have a communal area in your home, it’s common to find yourself constantly picking things up off the floor. Create more space for toys, books, remotes, DVDs, magazines and more by purchasing furniture that comes with storage space for your living room. Storage ottomans and chests, magazine racks and wall-hung TV cabinets can help you manage your belongings. If you simply don’t have the space for more storage, consider our household self storage to help clear out your Massachusetts home and maximize your space.

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