The Benefits of Temporary Storage During a Renovation

Doing a home renovation in the Boston area can be stressful enough without extra clutter getting in the way. Luckily, using temporary storage during a renovation can be super easy and hassle-free so you can have peace of mind throughout the process. We’ve outlined a few of the benefits of using temporary storage during a renovation:

Renovate clutter-free

When you’re using temporary storage during a renovation, all the extra stuff from your home is out of sight and safely out of mind. You’ll be able to get the renovation job done without furniture getting in the way, or having to work around boxes of your belongings.

It’s also a great time to go through your belongings and decide what’s worth keeping and what isn’t. A home renovation is already an exciting change and a sense of a fresh start. Now think about how much more excited you’ll feel when you know you’re not bringing a ton of old, unnecessary clutter into your new space.

Over-packed Garage

Your Items Are Kept Clean and Secure

When storing your belongings outside of your home, we know how important security is. When using storage units, temporarily (month-to-month) or more permanently, it’s important you pick a storage facility that goes the extra mile to ensure your items stay secure. Look for places that have perimeter fencing, entrance and exit gates, good lighting, an onsite manager, computer-controlled access, security cameras, and more.

Using temporary storage options while you’re doing a renovation also means your items will stay clean and dry. You’ll want a storage facility that is climate controlled so your things are safe from the changes in temperature and humidity. If your items were stored at home during a renovation, you could risk getting them wet, dirty, or damaged.

Your Friends Will Thank You

Another option for storing your things temporarily is asking a friend or family member if you can throw some things in their garage or basement. Of course you probably have good friends who will say yes, but it’s likely they don’t want your stuff taking up space in their room, even temporarily. Using a short term storage unit instead means no awkward asks of your loved ones, and no feeling obliged to rush to get your things out of their homes. Using a temporary storage unit means you can rest easy knowing your things are tucked away for as long as your home renovation takes.

Your Things Will Accessible and Organized

Think about how nice it will be post-home renovation to come to your storage space and have all of your belongings perfectly organized and ready to move back home, rather than had you not used temporary storage and just stuffed things where they were out of the way in your home. 

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