How to Pick the Right Moving Company

picking the right moving company boxesPicking a Moving Company

Remember the days when you could call a few friends, one with a truck, to help you move, then pay them with pizza? For most of us now living in a single family home, those days are over. If you have more than a couple of rooms of furniture or have large scale furniture, the time has come to hire a professional mover. Here are our tips on hiring the right moving company for your house.

Do your researchresearching moving companies

It is beginning to become habit for consumers to check online reviews before making a purchase. Testimonials provided by the moving company on their website should not count towards your evaluation. Rely on legitimate business review websites like the Better Business Bureau and directories like Angie’s List that provide verified vendor ratings.

Beware of fraudulent websites advertising moving services. Be sure to check that the physical address of the moving company exists. Verify the U.S. DOT number (typically posted on the company website) is valid as it proves operating authority and required insurance is carried by the moving company. If you do not see it posted online, ask the moving company for their number. Once you have the DOT number go to to check reports.

Lastly, never provide a deposit for booking a moving company. Legitimate movers will never ask for money or a credit card number beforehand.

Get moving estimates

We have a rule to always get three estimates for any project we want completed for our business. This is a great rule when hiring a moving company for your home too. Make sure you are getting accurate comparisons by having a list of questions and answers ready.

Many moving companies are happy to give you a quote over the phone sight unseen, but you may get an unpleasant surprise when you get the bill on moving day. It is important to have the moving company come out to your home and walk through each room and your garage to properly assess the time, manpower and truck size needed for your home.

calculating moving costs

Compare costs

 Once you have received multiple bids, its time to compare costs. Each moving company will likely have a unique format for providing costs. You may want to create a simple spreadsheet to input like costs line by line for an easier comparison.

Remember, cheaper isn’t always better. If one company has steeply undercut their pricing you may have either received misquoted pricing, there could be a misunderstanding or you’ll receive poor service from the lower cost company. Don’t hesitate to call the companies for further explanation of their pricing, and use your multiple bids to negotiate better pricing.

Once you feel confident in your decision to hire a moving company, confirm the date and time of your move verbally and in writing. Create a folder or binder to keep your moving estimate and other moving documents handy and organized. Get a copy of our moving checklist to make moving day easier.