How to Pack and Store Dishes

There could be numerous reasons as to why you would need to pack and store fine china and dishes. You may be relocating, taking on the family’s china set, or need to safely store a dish set you just purchased. No matter the reason, it is very important to pack and store dishes properly to prevent utter disaster; breakage. There is no need to stress over your fragile cargo while en route and in storage.

Here is a guide to help you pack and store your fine china and dishes securely:

Storage Container

The proper storage container is essential to the safe transport of your china and dishes. At the very least, a standard box should be reinforced with packing tape at the edges and corners. Boxes made with different cells and layers, known as cell kits, can be used for extra support to store dishes individually in their own compartments. Dish barrels are ideal for shipping and storing dishes. They are made of strong, thick cardboard that absorbs travel shock.

Another great option for storing your china and dishes are wooden packing crates. Wooden packing crates can be reused multiple times and are very durable.

Packing material

To provide cushion for your china and dishes you should purchase the following supplies:

– White packing paper
– Bubble wrap or Foam packing peanuts
– Tape

If you’re looking for a less expensive way to cushion, use plastic shopping bags, towels, soft clothes, or old nylons. Be sure to place a few inches of padding on the bottom of your box or dish barrel before packing any items away.

How to pack

Wrap each dish in either newspaper or packing paper by placing the dish on the corner of the square and fold it around. Be sure to tape the paper in place to prevent it from coming off. Place heavier, larger items on the bottom of the storage container and layer dishes according to size and weight. Place plates on their sides and fit together neatly to help reduce impact in transit. Line the inside of cups and glasses with padding. Place cups and glasses rim down in the box. Fill any empty spaces with padding material. Leave a few inches of space near the top of the box to insulate with padding.


It is very important to clearly mark the containers your china and dishes are in to ensure they will be handled with care. The term “fragile” should be marked on each dish storage container in a bright red marker. Put your boxes of dishes on top of other items that will not be opened often in the storage unit.

The extra time and effort that goes into properly packing and storing your fine china and dishes will pay off in the end and allow you to enjoy them for years to come.

Image by Maggie&Sparrow and licensed through Creative Commons.