How to Maximize Space in a Small Bedroom

If you’re like many of us in Boston, Massachusetts right now, your home’s rooms are being put to full use, some playing double duty as work and learning spaces. If you live in an apartment or small home in the city, you may have already started out with small rooms, making finding a spot for a desk no easy task. We’ve put together simple tips on how to maximize space in a small bedroom in your home to make room for a desk, workout space or sitting area.

Helpful Ideas That Will Transform Your Space

Whether you’re making your guest room into a home office or enhancing your space in your Boston apartment, check out these ideas that will help you to maximize space in a small bedroom.

Cut the clutter

First things first, get rid of what you don’t want or need anymore and donate or sell those items. The rule of thumb many follow for clothing, the one thing most of us have too much of, is that if you haven’t worn it in 6 months (up to a year if you live in a climate like Boston, with four seasons), then it needs to go! Or you could follow Marie Kondo’s advice and hold the item, ask yourself if it gives you joy and if it does not, thank it and let it go.

For seasonal items, like clothing, sports equipment and holiday decor that you want to hang onto for New England winters, consider off-site storage at a local self storage facility. Find one nearby so you can easily access your belongings when you want them, without the hassle.

Find hidden storage

Once you’ve cleaned out the clutter, the next step is to maximize the space in your room or home by utilizing underused space for storage. One of the first places to find an unused storage opportunity is under your bed. Simple tools like bed risers and roll-out storage boxes make storage under the bed simple and effective.

Closet organization systems also help with learning how to maximize space in a small bedroom. While the upfront cost may be high, the long term rewards of being organized and storage savvy are tenfold! Upgraded closet storage systems can also be valuable for home resale value.

Another idea to maximize space in a small bedroom is to utilize behind the door storage for shoes, scarves or jewelry and install floating shelves that take up no floor space for books, keys, wallets and other small items that clutter easily.









Choose furniture wisely

One trick to carving out more storage or free space in a room is to make smart choices in furniture. Large-scale furniture is great for large rooms but will eat up precious space in a small room that you expect to provide double duty.

Starting with the bed, consider if you really need a king-sized mattress, or if you could live comfortably with a queen. Another idea to maximize space in a small bedroom is to purchase a headboard with storage that would allow you to skip the nightstands and voila…more space!

Also, purchasing furniture with double duty like a bench with storage or a mirror with a ledge or hooks for storage will help you maximize space in a small bedroom while still providing the function you need.

Make Room For What Matters Most

When you’re ready to start making more room in your home, contact EZ Storage in Boston to help you with selecting the perfect storage unit size for your seasonal items. Our three west metro locations in Framingham, Natick and Newton offer convenient hours and affordable rates.