Best Ways to Store Kids Toys

Lego building blocks on the floor.

Toy Storage Solutions

The holiday season brings a lot of joy into our homes. If you have small children, you’ll also notice the season brings a lot of new toys into your home. Many parents struggle with keeping their homes and kids rooms clean and organized on a daily basis, let alone adding more toys after gift giving. Here are some of our favorite tips on keeping kids toys organized.

No space wasted

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Get creative and use all available spaces to organize and contain clutter. Under the bed storage with roll out plastic bins and a bed skirt to hide the contents under the bed is one simple organizing tactic. Consider a lofted bed that allows a desk or table underneath to give more room to play and store toys.

Other areas in small bedrooms to maximize space include high shelves for displaying stuffed animals, collectibles and awards or trophies. Over the door storage using shoe organizers to store building blocks, action figures and other small toys is an inexpensive and easy way to maximize storage. Pegboards are another excellent and inexpensive toy storage tool. Paint one a fun color and use metal hangers for small buckets of toys or art supplies.

A place for everything and everything in its place

Using a labeling system with picture and words will help the child recall where toys go when they are done playing and where to find them again. Place items that they play with most often down low and within reach, while storing less used items, like games, up high.

Cleaning up every day before bedtime will create good habits for your child. Make clean up time fun by making a game of it. Turn on their favorite music or a special ‘clean up’ song or time them and make it a race!

A time for every toy

Toy Storage Bin

Our children usually have the smallest bedrooms in the house, but they usually have the most stuff! If your child’s toys are toppling over in their room and have crept into other areas of the house, it might be time to say goodbye to those that are duplicates or ones they have outgrown. Involving your young child in the decision of what to keep, sell or donate is a good exercise that will prepare them for a life of keeping things organized.

Donating toys will show them how to give generously, while selling toys at a garage sale or resell shop will help them learn the value of money. If you are unable to part with the toys but there is not enough room in their bedroom for all of it, considering storing some items and rotate them in and out every couple of months to keep the child interested in something ‘new to them’. Label plastic bins and group like items to make this an organized process.

If you are planning on keeping toys to be handed down to future generations but don’t have the room in your home to store them until needed again, find a local storage facility near your home. Maximize the space by storing seasonal items in your storage unit and enjoy a little more space in your home and garage.

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